About Us

SoccerBears launched in 2014 when Richard was trying to find a pre-school football class for his son. He took his son to an alternative football class and noticed that the two and three year olds were losing interest in the football drills very quickly. It was at that moment when Richard spotted a gap in the market and set out to develop a FUN and ENGAGING class full of football, music and games … SoccerBears was born!

Richard worked closely with experts in child development as well as FA qualified football coaches. Together they developed a 45 minute session including a dynamic warm up, stretching, multi-sport games, football specific training, and a cool down, led by FA qualified coaches, musical entertainers and not forgetting the cuddly mascot – SoccerBear. Having fun and developing core skills is the central goal of the classes. Coaches focus on the basic skills which are integral to many sporting disciplines including hand-eye co-ordination, focus, balance and team work.

It was a recipe for success. SoccerBears has quickly become North London’s premier football training course for boys and girls aged 2-6. Richard has focused on building a brand around ‘fun first’ making sure this was at the heart of everything. He has made sure that each session delivers high quality football training, combined with an emphasis on concepts like colour recognition, developing number skills, sharing and following instructions.

Getting your children interested in sport from a young age is so important for many reasons. Along with improving fitness levels, sport can give your child the chance to learn about being part of a team, winning well, bouncing back from a loss and healthy competition.